Our work

Excellence in detail...

Each and every project should reflect the image of the client. The design team develops ideas from the client’s own personal preferences and, using its imaginative flair, backed by meticulous attention to detail, puts together the vital elements of the interior.

In order to attain the desired effect, our experience has led us to recognise the fundamental importance of the following criteria for the success of our work :

  • quality craftsmanship
  • on-going consultation with the client
  • persistent follow-up with the shipyard or contractor
  • competitive pricing
  • strict adherence to schedule in the design and realization stages


A structured approach...

At LARVOR, we endeavor to recreate our identity with each new project and avoid imposing a recognizable style on clients who are as different as their individual tastes.

The interior decoration of a yacht, house or apartment is carried out in close collaboration with the client in order to ascertain his unique perception of comfort and luxury.

the existing

the project

Starting with the initial sketches and plans, we implement every design detail. Following our careful division of the space by means of walls or bulkheads, we choose each and every element that contributes to the final outcome, including mouldings, cornices, fixtures, and furniture, right down to each lamp and wall hanging.

As the technical plans start to come together, the character of the project begins to take shape.

the result

The project... The result...

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